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Yoga life lesson

Yoga as a Life Lesson

Yoga - Jodie - 5th April 2016

What does Yoga mean to you? The wonderful variety of answers that come from this question show just how different yoga can be for each individual experiencing and exploring it. For some, it is a physical practice that allows them to stretch and strengthen (as well as gives them an…

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Morning Meditation

Yoga - Jodie - 4th April 2016

Meditation and mindfulness have become fashionable words that have been linked to many different aspects of wellbeing. Although tempted to share these with you, I thought it would be more useful to invite you to join me for 8 minutes of meditation and let you come to your own conclusion.…

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How to Have a Compassionate Yoga Practice

Yoga - Jodie - 24th March 2016

A lot of us can sometimes focus on the outcome. We say things to ourselves like “I want to be really good” or “feel like this” or “look like this”. We can attach an expectation onto our practice and then judge ourselves to be good or bad based on how…

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